Costs of War Wiki

Our first wiki (the Modern Simulation Evaluation) was an opportunity to open a wikispaces account, practice with wikis, and evaluate our disastrous simulation.

Today we are starting our Costs of War Wiki project.

Your challenge is to investigate, research, discuss, analyze, evaluate and teach information about the Costs of War listed to the left.

You are responsible for becoming an expert on one of the costs of war. You will be responsible for presenting your cost of war to the class.

As a team, you will collaborate with your group members and create a wiki page (website) to show what you have discovered about your cost of war. The wiki page must include all of the topics listed below. Together, you will be responsible for teaching your classmates about your cost of war through a well-prepared presentation.

1) Define your cost of war.
2) Include several images that illustrate or depict your cost of war.
3) Briefly describe the history of your cost of war.
4) Go into detail on a specific example of your cost of war.
5) Tell us why we should care about your cost of war.
6) You must cite your information and images.

This project is due Wednesday the 19th. It is worth 50 points. It is the most important grade of the second marking period. You will present your costs of war from Wednesday the 19 through Friday the 21st.

By the way.... I made a mistake on your homework assignment. You have to read All Quiet on the Western Front chapter 3 and 4 by Wednesday. Pick your three favorite scenes or events from each chapter and briefly describe them.