Military Killed In Action- Any one in active duty that was slain in battle.

American Revolution
Total service members- 217,000
Total battle deaths- 4, 435

War of 1512
Total service members- 286,730
Total battle deaths- 2,260

Indian Wars
Total service members- 106,000
Total battle deaths- 1,000

Mexican War
Total service members- 78,718
Total battle deaths- 1,733

Civil War
Total Union service members- 2,213,363
Total battle deaths- 140,414
Total Confederate service members- 1,050,000
Total battle deaths- 74,524

Spanish-American War
Total service members- 306,760
Total battle deaths- 385

World War I
Total service members- 4,734,911
Total battle deaths- 53,402

World War II
Total service members- 16,112,566
Total battle deaths- 291,557

Korean War
Total service members- 1,789,000
Total battle deaths- 33,741

Gulf War
Total service members- 665,476
Battle deaths- 147

Global War on Terror (as of September 30th, 2006)
Iraq and Afghanistan- 165,000
Battle Deaths- 2,333

Vietnam War
Number of Americans served- 2,700,000
Number of Woman killed in action- 3
Number of service men killed in combat- 47,072
Number of U.S. Officers killed- 5,741

Most of the military personnel killed in combat during the Vietnam were killed by gun shot wounds, bombs and booby traps. Because the war was fought in the manner of Gorilla Warfare, many people died in heinous ways. Many "tunnel rats" in the American army were killed while searching underground tunnels of the Vietcong. While underground they were killed either by hidden Vietcong members with guns or a tunnel collapsing.

Why should we care?- Many lives of soldiers are lost during any war. We should care becuase a soilder could also be a son, daughter, wife, husband, father, or mother. When lives are lost, families become destroyed.

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