Slavery as a Cost of War

Norman Vincent Peale once said, "People become really quite remarkable when they start thinking that they can do things. When they believe in themselves they have the first secret of success."

Slavery has been used for numerous reasons across the years of humanity. One reason has been to advance the war efforts of the Confederate Army in the Civil War.


  • The Confederate Government used the African-Americans to their advantage by putting them to work by building fortifications, digging latrines, and hauling supplies.
  • Not once did they use these slaves as soldiers. It was considered a risk to the slave owner's land.
After the Civil War, slavery was soon abolished.

  • Those who were chosen to be sent into the army were primarily men in their "prime", between the ages of 18 and 40.
    • Many times this took them away from their families.
  • Historians have been able to divide slavery into three stages, development, high-profit, and decadent.
    • Development: Slaves would work in unknown places with horrible conditions. They would perform heavy construction jobs with inadequate equipment.
    • High-profit: Slaves were used on plantations to plant and harvest crops. If the crops failed then the owner would lose their investment in the land and slaves. Since owners did not want this, they would work the slaves past human endurance. Sometimes the owner would work the slaves so hard that it would lead to death.
    • Decadent: This is when the land becomes depleted of the nutrients. The owner changes the crops to growing grains. This normally required less labor, some slaves would be sold, while others did not need to work as hard.

Slavery In Sudan
  • Civil War resumed in Suda in 1983 between Arabs in the north and the blacks in the south.
  • There have been countless women and children sold into salvery in the north for them to become house servents, farm help, and even soldiers to fight against their own people. This is all encouraged by the Khartoum government.
  • The Arabs are hearding groups of people, such as Dinka and Nuer, like animals to be baught and sold.
  • There are efforts to fight slavery
    • Once in slavery they try to escape in many different ways.
    • Dinka communities try to find and buy back inslaved members. They are able to accomplish this by working with Western antislavery groups.

There have been numerous wars started by slavery and were fought to end slavery. In 1927 slavery was abolished worldwide, yet it continues. Today slavery is looked down on, however still continues to this day. It is estimated that almost 17,000 people are brought illegaly into the United States. People have a picture in their mind of what slavery is, however, today it continues as debt bondage or forced labor. We need to open our eyes to what is happening, because soon history will repeat itself. Wars started over slavery and some finished slaver. If people do not start doing something about slavery we may be looking at another war.

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